Urban Youth Development

Michigan, United States of America

Thus far, Urban Youth Development has impacted communities in Saginaw, Michigan, Dallas (Texas) metropolis and in Rio Rancho (New Mexico). The organization strives to instill in youth the importance of positive youth development in our communities. Urban Youth Development prepares youth to set short and long term goals, to be equipped with the tools to achieve those goals, and embrace the motivation to accomplish those goals. UYD partners with local public schools and communities to provide athletic activities and reading initiative programs to encourage literacy among the participants.
Urban Youth Development emphasizes the development of youth through physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Our goal is to establish challenging programs and projects that focus on, but not limited to the following:
Youth Development: Skill Development, Educational Enrichment, Steps Toward Adulthood, Higher Learning, Adolescent Programs- Soldiers for Brotherhood, G.L.O.W. and S.T.A.R.S (programs geared specifically to focus on character building, conflict resolution, self-esteem, drug prevention, teenage pregnancy, sexual awareness and image projections)
Physical/ Health Development: Wellness, Physical Development, Basketball Activities
Public and Community Engagement: Engage Public in Perceptions of Youth, Parents Leading the Way (advocate child’s learning), Advocacy Efforts, Community Involvement (youth as valued contributors to society, supporting family and neighborhood vitality)
Urban Youth Development continues to impact the lives of youth through its various programs that enhance social, athletic, educational and cultural development

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